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AirDots problem with connection to each other – SOLVED

The Redmi Earbuds S, also known as the Redmi AirDots S, are a pair of affordable truly wireless earphones by Xiaomi. Despite the pricing, the company markets these as full-featured wireless earphones with an attractive, lightweight design, 12 hour battery life, splash-resistance, and a dedicated low-latency gaming mode. As for the price, the Redmi Earbuds S will set you back by a mere $24 or so in the Indian market.

Hello Friends in this video tutorial im showing you how to fix pairing this (Earbuds) connection each other , im showing you how to hard reset and make it work again like new.
I go to Xiaomi store for help to solve this problem but only thing they wanna do, was clicking everything on headphones and told me that it’s out of stock and they can give me refund because it’s manufacture problem and they can’t solve it. Of course I don’t agree and with one pair working and one not working I spend few hours to find how it’s work and a way to resolve the problem.
Procedure : STEP1. Put your AirDots in the box, make sure that its charged. Delete AirDots from your device.
STEP2. Take out both of your AirDots from box

STEP3. Turn off both of Airdrops by pressing and keeping button on it for 5 seconds (until you see red light)

STEP 4. Perform 2 kind of reset (reset of stored Bluetooth device and reset of connection between both AirDots headphones) To make this reset, press and hold button on both airdrops for 20seconds (headphone have to blink after 10seconds and 20seconds) don’t release the buttons until you don’t see second blinking lights. Do exactly I’m doing in the video tutorial.

STEP 5. Turn on your AirDots by pressing and holding button on both of it for 5 seconds or put it in box and take it out. (when you take it out from box they will automatically turn on).

After done restart, on right headphone you have to see blinking white light but on left one you have to see no light. It’s mean that there is connection between headphone, and right headphone is waiting for connection with phone.
STEP 6. Enjoy :

Probably it will be enough to perform this reset only on left one headphone because I think that left one have problem with connection but it’s only supposition. So u have to perform the same reset of both headphones to make sure that it will work.
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