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How to Clone Windows from SSD to NVMe M2 using Clonezilla for Free – Full Tutorial 2024


Hello friends welcome on this video tutorial  Daniel is here from tips to fix and in this video

tutorial today I’m going to show you how to move  your system how to clone your old SSD drive your

normal SSD drive to New nvmi Drive look at this  guys 1 tab if you already watched the other video

tutorial that I did using Baler and you was facing  any problems here I am today to show you another

method using Clonezilla for free and the second  method will be with dis copy by isas okay I’m

going to give 100 license for today okay so what  you got to do just subscribe my channel send me an

email I will provide you with lifetime license for  this copy thanks to EAS company okay so now let’s

go direct to the point and let’s clone this SSD  drive to this new nvmi drive I will cover today

everything you need to know this method will work  also on laptop and also in the desktop okay so

continue watching and let’s make your computer  super faster first of all we need all of these

tool tools okay so look at what I have here on the  table I have here uh 1 TB SSD M2 plus and this one

is from HP is 1 tbte this is nvmi drive and I have  here the uh cooler it’s nvmi M2 uh cooler so I

will paste all the links on the description we’ll  find it I have here PCI Express uh to nvmi adapter

okay depends on your computer if you wanted to  put this nvmi drive on your workstation and you

don’t have the slot on your motherboard you have  to use this adapter I will paste the link in the

description you can find it very easily but if  your computer support nvmi drive directly on

your board then you don’t need this adapter okay  and in the other hand I have here iix it tool all

the screwdrivers professional one that I uh need  to use for my um to open up my laptop or to open

up my so these are are all the tools that uh we  need for today I will I will paste the link on

the description for all of them then we are ready  to go right now okay so first so first thing will

be with laptop and the other one will be with my  workstation okay so let’s go and do this cloning

okay right now now first thing that I’m going  to do I will open up my back cover of my laptop

and I will put the SSD inside okay let’s see my  screwdriver here I have I fix it okay we’ll take

my screwdrivers here and then I’m going to open up  the back cover of this laptop I have a d latitude

here real

quick here it is you see this one is SSD drive  okay so I’m going to show you real quick I have

a solid state drive SSD normal solid state  and it’s capable to um copy files with 300

megabyte for second so I will keep it because  I have the system here and another thing that

I’m going to do I will put an nvmi drive here so  you see here here is the place for my nvmi drive

look at this SSD M2 I will put it here here  is the little screw do not lose this one we

need it for later let’s open up my HP M2 or drive  this is really good because it’s an HP so here it

is let’s put the screws back

again I have an nvmi drive now and now we  are ready to do the crowning process from

the normal SSD drive to here to nvmi or  M2 Drive for my laptop but if you are on

desktop first thing that you’re going to  do you have to check your motherboard if

you already have a port exactly for M2  in my case if you see carefully I can

place M2 here okay you don’t need any other  adapter you just go ahead and place your uh

M2 drive here on their motherboard adapter  okay for this you need this triangle 8 uh


but if you don’t have this in your computer  in your motherboard then what you need is the

adapter that I show you let me show you right now  you need this PCI Express uh adapter and then we

will place it on our computer on our motherboard  now I’m going to prepare my PCI Express adapter

with my M2 drive both together I will make it  ready now to put in my computer so now I have

to open up this uh cooler is metallic cooler and  also we have thermal pads that we are going to use

here are small screws that we need I’m going to  use this pad here here it is we’ll remove one of

this yes one here so I’m  putting another thermal pad

here so here we are here it is we are good to go  now I have to put the screws here let’s make it

let’s tight this put some screws here I always  use this cooler for to protect my nvme look at

this now we are good to go now we have this  what we are going to do let’s put it here I

will put another screw here and make it ready  I will put this plastic now I have this ready

to put on my computer and here it is nvmi is  here okay okay let’s put it now on my computer

so now let’s put it here on my computer you  will see we have PCI Express slots you have

a lot of them but here on next to graphic  card in my case I have this here is bigger

the other one PCI Express X4 is good for  this okay because we have here X4 I will

put it here on x 16 because I don’t want it  to make it very very closer to my graphic

card I we’ll bring it here okay so what I’m  going to do I will remove this metal click

part so make sure that it’s connected we place  it and now we are good to go okay now this is

the moment that we have to open up the computer  and clone from this SSD drive to here to nvmi M2

Drive okay I only have one SSD here no other  hard drives I only have one here now turn on

your computer and in the moment when you turn on  computer don’t forget to enter the vios pressing

this escape button in my case F10 or F2 to  depends on your computer you have to watch

on the screen bio setup you see F10 in my case is  F10 and here it is F10 in my keyboard during the

restart right I’m going to enter to the BIOS in  my case I will hit enter and I’m here on my BIOS

now Port options you have to go here on Port  options and in my port options I have here M2

is enabled you have to make sure that your M2 is  enabled in my case I place it on M2 and in the

other hand go back here on Advance you have to go  here on the slot settings it’s very important go

on slot settings if you are using PCI Express  adapter like I did you have to go here on and

see these PCI Express ports and Slots make sure  that your slot is enabled in my case slot three I

put it on the slot three and it’s in generation  three maybe you will see Generation 4 depends

on your motherboard okay but make sure to make  it enabl if it’s disabled right you have to go

back save changes and exit Okay and click yes  now it’s time to use Clonezilla so now next step

is download Clonezilla then here on downloads  and here we have to go so it depends on your

operating system I’m doing this on my windows  11 or Windows 10 whatever it’s the same thing so

what you got to do go here on the stable version I  need this stable version choose your architecture

in my case I will choose this one because I’m  on a 64bit processor and I’m going to download

the ISO file and we’ll download this here it is  now we’ll have so you need to have an USB drive

with this USB drive I’m I will make this bable  okay I will put in this Clonezilla here so if

you are on ufi mode with secure boat enable you  have to have this AMD or this one here okay is

the same thing for Debian based or buntu based  this is the version that you need okay so read

everything before you do the operation okay it’s  downloaded so now after I downloaded I’m going to

use ruus now let’s download orfus I’m going to  select Clonezilla live okay select Clonezilla

ISO that you download it open up here I will  choose now my flash drive is this one here GPT

and then we’ll click Start write an ISO image  mode recommended so now it will start writing

yes okay we are ready to go I will close let  me check my drive here it is I will restart the

computer so now what we are going to do we have  to put this USB drive on the computer I have the

other computer the other workstation here let  me put it on my computer right now in my case

I will boot from my USB F9 in my case because  I’m going to uh run on my boot modes here it

is this is my USB U 3.0 this one okay here it is  Clonezilla first option is okay here it is nice

I will use English enter here keep the default  keyboard that’s great yes start Clonezilla hit

enter so you see now we have all the options here  but the one that we need is the second second one

because we have we are going to work directly  from one dis or partition to another disk okay

then hit enter here okay now what I’m going to  do I’m going to click beginner because I don’t

think that you need to see the expert part if  you need the entire dis then you have to choose

the first option if you need the only part of  the disk in my case I’m going to use the first

one now this is the most important thing on this  video guys because if you choose the wrong one

you will lose everything okay you will lose  every file choose the local dis as a source

so we need to choose the source now which one is  the source I know that I have an uh solid state

drive SSD it’s normal one and I know it’s 128 GB  this one then here I have the system okay okay

I have other system here so I’m going to choose  this one second one as a source drive because you

see here nvmi drive is listed the first doesn’t  mean that is a source right it will be the target

not the source careful choose the source the  dis that you wanted to clone files from here

it is I will choose this click enter so now as a  Target I have to choose here nvmi this one we’ll

click enter here now you have to choose this the  option I will skip checking and repair Source we

don’t have time for that so choose the first one  enter again k z use the same partition from The

Source enter computer to do after uh the action  is done so you can choose reot shutdown Etc when

everything is finished choose this one okay here  the first one so what do we have here press enter

to continue so we have to press enter to continue  now the process is started are you sure you want

to continue now you have to type yes here on  the keyboard see yes and then hit enter are

you sure you want to continue I said yes okay  so now you see this process is [Music] working

[Music] so as you see now we are on syncing mode  process is 100% you will see that message cloned

successfully okay Enter power off completely  your system and then after you power up the

system we will remove the olders SSD drive and  then we will let only one disc okay so just shut

down computer will be shut down remove

seta okay now I remove this and only let my nvmi  drive and let’s see [Music] now so here we are I

only have one drive now it shows me the same  capacity that it was uh before the older SSD

let me show you the disc I have 1 tbte here I  have here 834 4 gigabyte unlocated so watch the

other video tutorial that I did for this topic to  bring this back okay to extend this drive now and

have the ability to use the all capacity of your  drive okay using clonea for free is a professional

way but you have to have some technical knowledge  okay if you don’t want to do all of these steps

that I did and you want something easier here  I am today to show you another method using

this copy easy as software okay subscribe my  channel write me an email I will provide you

with lifetime license with with this software  okay let’s go now and see method two okay if you

think that this process that I show you is hard  for you and then here it is the other method is

using this easy as dis copy this software is  very easy to use is portable you can go ahead

and download directly from the website see the  link on the description just download it write

me an email I will provide you with license EAS  company provide me 100 license to give away so

don’t worry so now here it is let’s use this easy  as this copy make this process easier you don’t

need to have that much technical information  you don’t need to be like take guy to do this

process okay so what we are going to do dis mode  partition mode create bable dis okay so let’s use

dis mode so it’s saying please select Source dis  so my source dis is this one you see I have a 128

GB disk and it’s SSD you see here and it’s not  one Tera but one Tera is the other one you see

this one this is a source now what I’m going to  do you see sit Drive is here click next now we

have to choose Target I will choose Target this  my M2 Drive choose it and then Target click next

here the very good option here is this out ofit  the disk it means that after you do this cloning

process you will see uh your your new nvmi Drive  will be full capacity okay if the older one is

128 gigabyte in the other hand it will look  like this okay copy as the source it will be

the same capacity uh but out of fit the source  it’s amazing option here you don’t need to do

any extra thing okay just click here proceed and  done here it is so you see this will not take that

much time so this this process is really easy  guys you don’t need to have that much technical

knowledge you just go ahead and do what I did  and then that’s it so we see that this is done

in 6 minutes guys super fast now we have to click  finish you see here then I’m going to remove now

all SSD drive okay it’s clone successfully and  you see we already have one TAA here you don’t

need to resize your SE Drive this is the M2 drive  and it’s fully Clon with this easy ass disc copy

okay guys congratulations you did it okay so  now thank you for watching this video tutorial

don’t forget to subscribe tips to fix and God  bless you see you on the next video [Music]




  1. Christian Brugman - January 15, 2024 at 8:15 pm - Reply

    Hello, do you have any licenses left for easyus disk cloning software?

  2. Alex Arriagada - January 16, 2024 at 2:48 am - Reply

    Well Daniel it’s good to see that you’re back, that’s something might have happened to you but you’re looking good.
    I know I’m already subscribed to you but if it’s possible it’d be great to get one of those license if it’s possible, I’d appreciate it.
    Yes I have no website I do have a youtube site but haven’t made any videos yet but I plan on doing so.

  3. Hi Daniel. this is exactly the instruction video I was looking for. I will be trying it out in a week or so once my new M2 drive arrives. If you have any EaseUs software licenses left please send one, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks

  4. Great video and tutorial! Do you perhaps have any more licenses that you are giving away? I would like to email you, but cannot find your email.

  5. Hi please can I have one of the license I need to do this for my pc thank you

  6. Aboothar Qutaiba Kafi - February 1, 2024 at 9:28 pm - Reply

    Hello Daniel. this is exactly the instruction video I was looking for. If you have any EaseUs software licenses left please send one, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks

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