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How to Open HEIF and HEVC Files in Windows 11 Adobe (Free codecs Download 2022)

View and work with HEIF/.heic files in Photoshop on Windows by downloading and installing HEIF and HEVC codecs from the Microsoft Store

When opening HEIF/.heic files into Photoshop you may see one of the following messages:

  • Additional non Adobe software is needed to open .heic files
    Install the required software so Photoshop can open this file.
  • Could not open “imagename.heic” because Photoshop cannot recognize the file extension.

Note: Canon HIF / HEIC Files are not supported. Use raw files from Canon cameras for best results.

Install HEIC/HEVC codecs

To successfully import HEIF/.heic files, download and install both of the HEIF and HEVC Extensions directly from Microsoft.

  • Quit Photoshop

  • Get the HEIF Image Extensions – The HEIF Image Extension enables Windows 10 devices to read and write files that use the High Efficiency Image File (HEIF) format.

  • Restart Photoshop and try importing your HEIF/.heic file.

Or you can download it from here on this link:

Download Microsoft HEIF and HEVC Codecs

Original Source of the files are here:


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