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How to remove Double Blue Arrows from every icons – Windows 10 (FIXED)

Hello Friends in this video tutorial im showing you How to remove Double Blue Arrows from every icons. This new icon overlay seems to pop up fairly randomly. I’m guessing it’s not a bug, and that it really is displaying compression status of the file in some way, but it has some odd and inconsistent behavior when applied to shortcuts which lead to, well, situations like this… compression icon overlay windows 10 Another

This case is called compressing of files, if your disk has no space Windows will automatically do this compression. What you’re doing is just covering up the icons rather than releasing space.

Step 1 – Release some space. Delete unnecessary files, release up to 1-3 Gb.

Step 2 – if the whole desktop has double arrows, simply select all. If not, choose the specific folder

Step 3 – Right click then select properties then advanced.

Step 4 – Unchecked “Compress contents to save disk space”.

Files required to hide the blue arrows “Compressed” indicator added to icons in Windows 10 November update (1511, TH2, whatever you want to call it). The process is basically the same as hiding shortcut arrows – a value needs to be set in the registry so a blank icon is loaded instead of the blue arrows image.

In the download

The download includes a blank .ico icon file, two .reg registry files to enable and disable the icon, and a .cmd batch file, which if right clicked and Run as Administrator, will both copy the icon file to your %SYSTEMROOT%/System32 directory and apply the registry change.

compressed file icons :


Or Download here : Remove_Compression_Overlay

Here is the source of this files :

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