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Momentum 3 not pairing Fixed | How to Pair | Factory Reset | Firmware Upgrade 2022

How can I perform a factory reset?


If the functions of the earbuds are disturbed and a soft reset does not fix the issue, reset the earbuds to the factory default settings. This deletes, among other settings, all pairing settings.

You can reset the earbuds to the factory default settings using the Smart Control app in the settings menu.

Alternatively, you can do the following steps to reset the earbuds to the factory default:

   Insert both earbuds into the charging case and wait at least 10 seconds before taking the earbuds out of the charging case and switching them on again.

   Make sure that the contacts on the earbuds and in the charging case are clean and make contact (the LED of the charging case lights up when you insert the earbuds into the charging case). If necessary, clean the contacts.

   Use the USB cable to connect the charging case to a power source

   Insert the earbuds into the charging case and, within 30 seconds, touch and hold the right and the left touch control panel for 6 seconds.

   The earphones are reset to the factory default settings.

What should I check if my earbuds are Bluetooth connected but music is not streamed to the earbuds?


The MOMENTUM True Wireless supports two different Bluetooth connections: Bluetooth audio for all audio connections and Bluetooth LE for Sennheiser Smart Control app connection.

If your smartphones Bluetooth menu show an active connection to “MOMENTUM TW 2” and audio can’t be heard with the earbuds, but still played on the smartphone, you may have only established the Smart Control app connection.

In this case to the following steps are necessary to establish a full Bluetooth connection:

   Put both earbuds into the charging case

   Enter the Bluetooth menu of your smartphone

   Delete/Unpair all entries “MOMENTUM TW 2” (and “LE-MOMEN­TUM TW 2” if available) in the list of paired devices

   Switch off Bluetooth and active Bluetooth again on your smart­phone
(Alternatively: Reboot your smartphone)

   Take both earbuds out of the charging case

   Enter pairing mode manually by pressing both earbud touch pads for at least 3 seconds

   (Pairing mode is indicated by blue/red alternating LED indicator on earbuds)

   Enter the Bluetooth menu of your smartphone and select entry “MOMENTUM TW 2”

   The MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 shall now be paired and connected with Bluetooth audio

It is recommended to do as a first step the Bluetooth audio connec­tion and as a second step the Sennheiser Smart Control app connec­tion to avoid potential issues with some smartphones.

What should I check if I can’t hear anything when using the ear­buds?


Make sure that the earbuds are charged and connected to your Blue­tooth device. Check in the Bluetooth settings of your connected device has media and calls connection activated. The left earbud can only be used when the right earbud is also used as the right earbud controls the Bluetooth transmission. Additionally, make sure the ear­buds are inserted into your ears correctly. Increase the volume on your Bluetooth device and on the earbuds by pressing on the right earbud’s touch pad until you hear the voice prompt “Volume max”.

What should I check if I can’t pair the earbuds with my Bluetooth device?


If Bluetooth pairing does not work, proceed in the following order:

   Charge the MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 for at least 1.5 hours to ensure they are fully charged. The charging LED pulsates yellow to indicate charging and permanent green to indicate they are fully charged.

   Take the earbuds out of the charging case.

   Simultaneously touch and hold the right and left touch control for 3 seconds to start pairing mode. The LED of the right earbud flash red and blue.

   Start the search for Bluetooth devices on your smartphone and select “MOMENTUM TW 2”.

   If necessary, enter the default pin code “0000” on your smart­phone.

   If, after the steps above, the Bluetooth pairing still does not work, restart the earbuds (see “How can I reset the earbuds?”).

What should I check if one of my earbud’s LED are alternating green/red?

By default, left and right earbud are peer paired to each other and connect automatically after power-on. If LED indicator is alternating green/red, this earbud is not peer paired, i.e. the left and right ear­buds are not connected to each other.

In this case perform the following steps to pair both earbuds:

   Deactivating Bluetooth at your smartphone to disconnecting your MOMENTUM TW 2.

   Hold both touch controls for at least 10 seconds to enter peer pai­ring mode at both. earbuds (Pairing mode is indicated by green/red alternating LED indicator on both earbuds).

   The earbuds are now getting paired with each other, what may take a few seconds.

   Successful peer pairing is indicated by 3x blue flashing LEDs.

Are there reasons why the earbuds may not recharge as usual?


Ensure that the charging contacts of the earbuds and the charging case are clean. If charging is still not possible, perform a reset and a factory reset of the earbuds.

How can I adjust the earbuds to a comfortable volume or make them louder?


For some Android smartphones there is a separate volume control for the Bluetooth headset and for the Android smartphone. Ensure that both volume controls are set to max. To increase volume, tap and hold the touchpad of the right earbud until you hear the voice prompt “Volume max”. Now increase the smartphone’s volume to maximum volume.

For smartphones that feature “absolute volume control” such as the Apple iPhone, there is only one volume control available, so you can either use the smartphone’s or MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 volume control. With a few smartphones “absolute volume control” is not available by default but can be activated within the development options.

Furthermore, you might not be able to perceive the full volume of the MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 because the earphones currently do not fit correctly. Please use the appropriate size of ear adapters so they fit snugly in your ear canal and completely seal your ears. For best results, follow the guidance in the quick guide on how best to place the earbuds into your ears.

My ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) performance seems to have only limited effect?


MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 blocks out ambient noise thanks to its ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) feature which works in combination with its excellent passive noise attenuation and perfect fit in the ear canal.

The MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 has integrated a single-mic feed-forward ANC system per earbud side. This technology enables ANC without negative impact on sound performance (i.e. no additional noise floor is introduced by the ANC system), nor discomfort (i.e. no ear pressure is introduced by ANC system). In case you experience only limited ANC performance, consider that ANC technology can only reduce ambient noise in low frequency range <1 kHz, e.g. engine sounds. The MOMENTUM True Wireless 2’s excellent passive noise isolation additionally reduced significantly ambient noise in higher frequency ranges.

To achieve best possible sound isolation and ANC performance, it is important to choose the ear adapters that best fits your ears.

During the OTA firmware update an error occurred?


In case you experience any issues during the OTA firmware update of your MOMENTUM True Wireless 2, please follow the following steps:

   Insert both earbuds into the charging case for at least 10 seconds

   Take the earbuds out of the charging case and connect them again to the Sennheiser Smart Control app

   Repeat the OTA FW update or follow the instruction of the app

Why do I see only one battery level for both earbuds in the Sennhei­ser Smart Control app?


The battery level indicator always shows the remaining battery life of the earbud side with less power.


   If left earbud has 50% battery level and right earbud has 80% bat­tery level, it indicates 50% battery level.

   If left earbud has 90% battery level and right earbud has 20% bat­tery level, it indicates 20% battery level.

   If only right earbud is in use and left earbud remains in the char­ging case, it indicates the right earbud battery level.

When watching video or gaming on my device is there a recom­mended way to ensure the sound is in sync with the visuals?


Perfect synchronization of sound and image is dependent on the Bluetooth technology being used by your Bluetooth device. For best results make sure you are using a Bluetooth device which fully sup­ports Audio Video Distribution Transport Protocol (AVDTP) 1.3 or hig­her. Thus, depending on the Bluetooth device or the mobile app the audio/video synchronization experience may vary. It is recommen­ded to use always the latest software for your Bluetooth device or the mobile apps.

How can I ensure the best fit for the earbuds?


It’s always best to test the supplied ear adapters to find the size that suits you best and delivers the best sound quality. The MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 packaging includes four different ear adapter sizes (XS, S, M, L). Also try to twist the earbuds into your ear as described in the quick guide until you find a comfortable position.

Why is it vital to stay in my device’s range to prevent sound drop-outs?


Make sure that the earbuds are within the transmission range of the Bluetooth device. Since the right earbud establishes the connection to the smartphone, the transmission can be more reliable when your Bluetooth device is placed on the right side of your body.

What should I consider if I have issues connecting my smartphone with the Smart Control app?


A very small number of smartphone models may have issues connecting the Smart Control app to the MOMENTUM True Wireless 2. Future app and firmware updates will improve on potential limita­tions of this nature.

You may try to turn off and turn on the Bluetooth function on your smartphone to reset the Bluetooth module or reboot the smart­phone.

You may also try the following: Go to the smartphone’s security and location settings and turn “use location” off and on again, even if the location service is already turned on. This is because some Android models require that the location service is activated when using Bluetooth Low Energy connection, even when the location informa­tion is not used. Sennheiser does not use or store location informa­tion of the user for other reasons.

You may try to perform a factory reset of the MOMENTUM True Wire­less 2. Disconnect the MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 after the factory reset, i.e. remove entries MOMENTUM TW 2 (and LE-MOMENTUM TW 2 if available) in the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone and pair MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 again.

How do I ensure my voice is picked up clearly during phone calls?


If you find that your voice can’t be heard well by the other party on a phone call, you may wish to check the following: During phone calls, ensure that the earbuds are inserted corrected into the ear-canal and then rotate them slightly. Ideally rotate the earbud so that the Sennheiser logo is in a horizontal position as this ensures the correct beamforming angle for voice pickup. Please also check that the microphone opening is not blocked by the ear itself.

Additionally, wind may sometimes impact the quality of the phone call.

Which spare parts are available for my MOMENTUM True Wireless 2?


The following spare parts and accessories for the MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 are available:

For Black color variant of MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 (M3IETW2 Black):

Left earbud (M3IETW2 L Black)      : Order No. 508811

Right earbud (M3IETW2 R Black)   : Order No. 508812

Charging case (M3IETW2 C Black)    : Order No. 508810

For White color variant of MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 (M3IETW2 White):

Left earbud (M3IETW2 L White)   : Order No. 508833

Right earbud (M3IETW2 R White)   : Order No. 508834

Charging case (M3IETW2 C White)    : Order No. 508832

Replacements of silicone ear adapters are only available in black color (fits all MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 color variants):

Set of 10 ear adapters (size XS)      : Order No. 508603

Set of 10 ear adapters (size S)       : Order No. 508604

Set of 10 ear adapters (size M)       : Order No. 508605

Set of 10 ear adapters (size L)       : Order No. 508606

Further information on accessories and spare parts can be found on Sennheiser’s MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 product page in the sec­tion “Related products – Accessories”.

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