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Police Officer Compelled To Speak Out Against Tyrannical Enforcement “What Are You, The Gestapo?!”

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You know as a police officer I’m compelled to make this video I’ve been in law enforcement for ten years and I’m speaking to my peers other fellow officers people in any kind of law enforcement position I’ve seen officers nationwide enforcing tyrannical orders against the people and I’m hoping I’m hoping it’s a minority of officers but I’m not sure anymore because every time I turn on the television every time I turn I look to the Internet I’m seeing people arrested or cited for going to church for traveling on the roadways for going surfing opening their businesses going to the park with their families or doing nails out of they’re out of their own house using their own house as a place of business and have an undercover agents go there and arrest them and charge them with with what with a crime I don’t know what crime people are committing by doing nails in their own house but we’re seeing this more and more and more and we need to start looking at ourselves as officers and thinking is what I’m doing right now I want to remind you that regardless of where you stand on the corona virus we don’t have the authority to do those things to people just because a mayor or a governor tells you otherwise I don’t care if it’s your sergeant or your Chief of Police we don’t get to violate people’s constitutional rights because somebody in our chain of command tells us otherwise it’s not how this country works those are de facto arrests you know we’re violating people’s rights and and and taking money from them or even worse arresting them and depriving them of their freedom when they are exercising their constitutional rights so let’s let’s talk about that let’s let’s read something right here off of the Declaration of Independence all men are created equal among these we have the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness that to secure these rights governments are instituted among men deriving their power from the consent of the governed meaning they’re our power and any government officials power is derived from the people okay we don’t hold power over our citizens that’s it’s it’s contradictory to everything that our country stands for and and this is what I’m saying First Amendment rights telling people they can’t go to church freedom of religion okay telling people they can’t protest freedom of assembly Fourth Amendment violations illegal traffic stops to check for papers what are you the Gestapo is this 1930s Nazi Germany you don’t get to stop people unless you have reasonable suspicion or probable cause that they have committed a crime and I know people that are have personally been stopped saying we want to see papers showing that you’re essential that is not how our job works okay what really has been pissing me off lately is the fact that these officers that are going out here and enforcing these tyrannical orders what they’re doing is they’re putting my job and my safety at risk because what you’re doing is you’re widening the gap between public trusts and law enforcement officers and and what that’s going to do is it’s gonna I mean look at look what’s happened to law enforcement in the last ten years less and less public trust and more often than not that is a result of isolated incidents that get blown out of proportion well they’re not isolated anymore they’re happening every single day and the thing that I want you guys to realize is that our power the that we hold is law enforcement officers it’s nothing more than a facade it’s a badge and a gun and people you don’t realize if you haven’t lived in anarchy if you haven’t seen combat things can be stripped from people in a heartbeat and and that’s what I’m afraid of I’m afraid that these actions are going to wake a sleeping giant ie the American people okay they are going to be put in a position where they won’t have their rights trampled anymore and us as law enforcement officers will will have our ability to enforce a law strip from us in about ten minutes okay I I don’t I think what is gonna happen if this continues is we’re gonna see bloodshed in the streets okay I don’t want to see bloodshed in the streets on either side of this coin I don’t want to see fellow officers get injured or killed and I certainly don’t want to see citizens get injured or killed and I promise you most of you out there doing these these these tyrannical acts against our citizens you’re not ready for combat you’re not mentally or physically ready for combat in the first place I promise you you don’t want to go through that and I hope I never have to go through that again you know you don’t get to just say well I’m doing this because I was told to do so well I’m following orders or that I need to keep this job guess what I need to keep this job like I have the same sob story that the rest of you guys have but my personal choices and my living arrangements no matter what they are don’t allow me to trample on people’s rights and I don’t understand why that concept is so hard for for people to understand listen you need to stand up for what’s right you need if you’re chained if you’re part of a department or an agency that is asking people or asking their officers or their deputies to impose on people’s rights and infringe on their their freedoms you need to step up and say no that’s not me that’s not what I signed up for and that’s going against my oath and if that cost you your job so be it at least you’ll be able to look at yourself in the mirror at night I’ve already expressed this to my department and luckily for me I come from a department that I feel like my chain of command shares my view but I don’t care what department you’re part of or what your chain of command thinks you don’t get to trample on people’s liberty and so you know as a Special Operations veteran I’ve fought on the streets of Iraq for under the US government’s guise of freedom and I’m telling you what the American people are going to be they are you are gonna wake a sleeping giant and they are gonna fight ten times harder for their freedom on their soil than anything you’ve ever seen before and if that’s something you’re willing to face then keep trampling on people’s rights but I promise you the American spirit of defiance is going to rise again and it’s gonna be a big problem for our country so I’ll leave you with this something that I learned as a Annie nothing in the Army no matter what situation you’re put in if you look inside yourself and ask yourself one question am i doing the right thing you ask yourself that you know the answer and no amount of money or no order or law or anything should be able to make you go against doing the right thing so I’m employing officers to look inside themselves and ask themselves is this what I want to be doing to my citizens and I think the answer is clear and if we all stand up together guess what it’ll be a non-issue no factor because people in law enforcement will be united like we should be you

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