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User opted out of platform The action attempted is disallowed – Facebook Error 2020

Hello , today i tried to post my video directly from YouTube to the Facebook page through popup form but i faced with this error :

User opted out of platform: The action attempted is disallowed, because the user has opted out of Facebook platform.

I did this video to help you understand when the problem rely is and to pay attention and don’t waste time to thing whats problem with my website or with my Facebook page. i did my researching and the best way to get informed well is to check in Facebook developer team , see the case here i’m sharing with you in the video and also with the link below.

Don’t worry this problem its impossible to fixed from us and you cant do anything about it. Wait for Facebook to Fix! Check the error reported here and get notify when this bug can fixed :

*its an option : “Subscribe to be notified when there are updates to this bug report.

Facebook Team Answered : 

Jonathan Chang : Hi Pat, Thanks for reaching out and sorry you’re having this issue. We’ve managed to reproduce this problem. We’re assigning this to an engineering team for further investigation. best, Jonathan ——–

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