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How to Remove Dual Camera Watermark All Xiaomi Mi Smartphones 2019

You may have noticed while clicking a picture there is a watermark sometimes on the bottom left corner of the image on your Mi smartphone. So, you may have thought that how it appears or if the watermark does not appear then how you can enable it?
The below screenshot on the left shows an image with a watermark & the one on the right shows without a watermark.

Just follow the simple steps below to enable or disable the watermark on your Mi smartphone.

1. Open your default camera app.
2. Tap on Options.
3. Move the slider at the top which says “Dual camera watermark” to left or right for disabling or enabling the watermark respectively.
The below screenshot on the left shows watermark disabled & the one on the right shows watermark enabled.

I hope this simple tip will help you. You can even give it a try on your Xiaomi smartphones which has this watermark feature.


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